"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart" -- Elizabeth Andrew

July 2019. At this time student or regular volunteers are not required. Please check this page as we will post volunteer requirements when spaces become available (mid-September 2019).

SPECIAL VOLUNTEER REQUIRED: We are looking for a Supervisor/Coordinator for the following: The Real Canadian Superstore (Loblaws) at 201 Oak Park Blvd (Dundas & Trafalgar), allows Fare Share Food Bank to place student volunteers in the store to encourage food donations during our 3 main food drives - for 2 weeks at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. A Coordinator/Supervisor is required to run this program.

The process works like this:

  • BOOK your preferred dates with the store. Store Manager asks that we contact him directly with chosen dates; we give him a couple of month’s notice.

  • CREATE a notice to attract students. This may be posted on community bulletin boards, our website, the local newspaper, or any other medium you prefer. Emphasize this work is eligible for community service hours. Many high schools will allow you to post a volunteer opportunity (contact the guidance department).

  • CHART student names and contact information as students respond with their preferred date and time. Send a note back to the student confirming the date and time and attach a prepared sheet of volunteer instructions. (templates exist for all these records).

  • CREATE a list for the staff at Superstore’s Customer Service Desk. Staple this document in a coloured file folder so it can be easily located. Store Staff will check off the student’s name when they arrive and leave.

  • NOTIFY Fare Share manager once your dates are set. Brown bags with “needs” list attached will be prepared for you.

  • MEET any first time volunteers before they start their first shift. Give a pep talk “this event is so helpful to the food bank, we get a lot of food that we’ve run out of “ etc. Go over your expectations about the job, and demonstrate how to approach customers This can be done on an individual basis before their shift starts, or in a group before the drive begins

  • An experienced mentor is available for your training and support.

    PLEASE CONTACT: Jennifer Russell, Volunteer Coordinator, if you are interested. 905-847-3988