Food Drive


The Christmas Food Drive is scheduled to begin Friday December 8th and run through to Friday, December 22nd.  Student volunteers wishing to earn community service hours will be required.  Please phone the Food Bank 905-847-3988 after December 1st if you are a high school student wishing to help out.

Ideas To Run A Successful Food Drive

  • Check this website to see our current needs list.
  • Communicate these needs to your donors.
  • Arrange a date to deliver the donations to the Food Bank.
  • Pack donations in heavy cloth or plastic bags with handles.  Replacement environmental bags are available at the Food Bank. (No boxes or plastic containers please.  They are difficult to empty and return).
  • Make sure that bags are not over loaded as heavy bags are difficult for children and seniors involved in the Food Drive.

Items That Can't be Given Out at The Food Bank

  • Outdated
  • Homemade jams, preserves, etc.
  • Items that have been opened.
  • Severely damaged items.


Food Drives Targeting Adult Groups

  • Monetary Donations are an option. This allows the Food Bank to purchase items not donated such as meat, chicken and fresh fruit & vegetables.
  • Cheques should be placed in a sealed envelope. Tax receipts will be mailed to the individual doner.

If you have questions please call Jennifer Russell at the Food Bank (905) 847-3988